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Baby photography, also known as a sitter session. Your little darling is no longer that tiny newborn, but also not quite an independence searching little toddler either, but however you look it this fun baby stage isn't going to hang around for long.

You want to capture those cubby little thighs, the wide eyes,  that eagerness to start moving on her own, and that overall inquisitiveness that she has.....about everything!

You've now started to see who's nose she has, her eyes colour is the same as mums, and that personality? Well that is definitely showing itself now too! 

Her personality is starting to really shine through, as is that desire to want to know what absolutely everything is, what it does but most of all...can it be eaten?!

You've always got your phone out taking photographs of her, most of the time she is not looking, has some lunch in her hair or that thing you captured in the background is really distracting from her adorable little features.  You will have a ton of photographs on your phone from all the places you go with her. You might have printed afew of your favourites...however,  you still don't have that un clutted, classic baby photograph that completely encapsulates her as he is right now, as a your baby. 

You love classic baby photography and you'd love to display this beautifully in your home? Then we are good fit! 

I can create and capture that moment and show you the most beautiful way to display her baby photographs.

If you are reading this then you, like me, know the important of capturing such moments and how hiring a professional photographer is the best way to preserve these moments at this new and edited stage in your lives. As you look at your photographs the little moments will be preserved and you will be so glad you hired that photographer.

"We would highly recommend Seona.  She created a relaxed atmosphere and kept our little one nice and calm by allowing us to take breaks for cuddles and milk. We are absolutely delighted with our photographs. They are very natural, superb quality and the value for money is fantastic. We have had so many compliments on the photographs we have shared with friends and family." Clare


Im Seona, a busy mum of 3 and full-time  photographer.

I am the first to shy away from the camera so I know its not an easy thing to do...even though you REALLY want some beautiful photographs with your family. You will be surprised at the images I produce for you!

Ive been a full time professional photographer since 2006. My photographs have been in magazines, on the front cover of publications, in the national press and more.

My style is very relaxed and baby led. I am newborn safety trained and fully insured.

Any Questions?

Im sure you have lots!

Drop me a message if you would like some new information. I shall look forward to hearing from you!

I am also on Facebook and Instagram too! 

Book a free telephone consultation today...

Lets find out if I am the photographer for you. You have my 100% guarantee of no sleazy sales chat, not an ounce. I'm a creative, my hope is to work with families that are looking for a certain style of photographs and type of photographer - hopefully its me, but its different strokes for different folks!

Not ready to book yet? I send out emails a couple of times a months, often blogging about families Ive worked with and sharing photogaphs from their session  -  that may be of interest to you until you get to know me a little better! If you haven't already entered it in the pop up box, drop me a message above and I will add you.

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