A Birth Story

I was so excited  when Jen contacted me about a birth photography session.

This was baby four and the last baby for this lovely couple, they wanted to document baby’s arrival.

We met up at Jens home for a chat . We chatted about previous births, her birth plan and her reasons for wanting to hire a professional photographer. Dad wasn’t too keen on having a photographer as being infront of the camera isn’t something he relished but the reality is, parents won’t even know I’m there as they focus on bringing their new arrival into the world. I also offered to shoot a complimentary maternity session, it always help to get to know my clients better, as you can see, they both aced it! 

When booking a birth I am on call. For this session I was on call for three weeks prior to the due date and up to two weeks after. When Im on call this is 24 hours a day - babies come when they like and not a second sooner! We got to one week after the due date, no baby. Bearing in mind that the last three babies usually arrived about 3/4 days late. 

Then at eight days over due Jen sent me a message - around 10am, she wasn’t feeling herself and she would keep me updated.  At 11am contractions had started and she was walking round the garden keeping herself moving. I would attend during active labour, but it was moving quickly! At 1.30pm I got another message, they were heading in to fill up to pool so I made my way over.

When I got there the contractions where now so close mum was already in the pool breathing through them.  Shortly after my arrival the midwives from the home birthing team arrived in case mum or baby needed assistance. 

Birthing your child is not just a physical journey its also full of intense emotions and connections. It was up to me to capture these moment whilst also staying in the background.  There were many moments of calm, quiet and just being present in that very second. Support from dad, reassurance from the midwives for the next couple of hours we all waited.

Then suddenly the atmosphere changed, you could tell was almost time.

And then there she was! Mum did incredible during those last few moments, even smiling as she rested before pushing out babys shoulders. We all knew a baby was about to arrive into the world but really nothing prepares you for finally seeing their little face!

Just incredible, the relief for mum and dad….so full of love. Then the overwhelming feeling hits and the raw emotions are there to see.

The baby, a girl, was born at 4.35pm.

I feel so lucky to have been asked and to have captured this lovely family’s birth story.

I asked Jen for a testimonial so she could share her insights with others thinking of hiring a professional photographer for baby’s birth…

“We hired a birth photographer after realising that we had no images of any part of our previous children’s birth stories. You really only think about taking a photo once your baby is in your arms…missing out on capturing the intensely emotional and physically exhausting journey that you’ve just been on together. I also wanted our children to see Liam’s part in it all, as it’s easy to forget about dad’s role in birth..even though it’s pretty hands on during a home birth! We feel so lucky to have found Seona to photograph labour and birth. Her calm and gentle presence makes for the type of person you want around during labour. We can’t wait wait to see the rest of the shots from Saorlaith’s birth. We’d advise anyone considering hiring a birth photographer to get in touch with Seona!”

Then when Jen seen the entire  gallery ….”We have looked through the photos and are blown away - they are all amazing!! Thank you so so much!”

If you are considering a birth session drop me a message for an informal chat.

You can see the full birth photography story in the birth gallery.

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