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I am so pleased you are considering hiring a birth photographer - as a mum myself I can understand why you want to capture beautiful, heart busting photographs of your birth story, its the least photographed life event, but without a doubt, it is THE most incredible.

Its more than just a record of your newborns arrival, its full of emotions, connections and such an incredible journey for all involved.
Its the story that you go on to tell for years, to friends, family and your baby, they aren't babies for long. However, for many parents a selfie taken on a phone after baby is born is the only photographs they have of their birth story - and yet weddings have hundreds upon hundreds of professional photographs!

Why hire a birth photographer?

"We hired a birth photographer after realising that we had no images of any part of our previous children’s birth stories. You really only think about taking a photo once your baby is in your arms...missing out on capturing the intensely emotional and physically exhausting journey that you’ve just been on together. I also wanted our children to see Liam’s part in it all, as it’s easy to forget about dad’s role in birth..even though it’s pretty hands on during a homebirth!

We feel so lucky to have found Seona to photograph labour and birth. Her calm and gentle presence makes for the type of person you want around during labour. We’d advise anyone considering hiring a birth photographer to get in touch with Seona!" Jennifer

"We have looked through the photos and are blown away - they are all amazing!! Thank you so so much!"

Jennifer & Liam

How does hiring a birth photographer work?

As your birth photographer I will be on call 24 hours a day for 4 weeks around your due date, ready and waiting for your call!

I come along to your birth ( at home or in hospital) during active labour, stay for as long as it takes for baby to arrive and stay for up to an hour after wards. I am fully aware of how it feels to be in labour and experiencing a C section, I have three children of my own and have experienced both birth types. My style of shooting is unobtrusive, I don't use flash and I stay in the background as I document your birth story.

Before any of that happens, its great to chat on the phone and get to know each other a little better, then if you'd like to arrange a meeting we can do that at your home if you are planning a home birth or a local coffee shop. Not at any of those chats or meetings are you obliged to hire me as your photographer. These are so you can meet me in person and have an informal chat about birth photography to gather the information you need to make an informed decision. Also for me to find out more you, baby and your about your birth plan.

If you do choose to hire me, I will have all of the information I need when the time comes, I wont be asking you any questions during labour. I will know about your pregnancy, your birth plan,your family members, siblings even your dogs name! I will know if there are any aspects of the birth you preferred that I didn't photograph, I will know your wishes with regards to uncertainty such as if a home birth turn into a hospital birth etc.

I book just 1 birth session for each month.

I don't share any photographs with out permission.

To book your session a 25% deposit is required and the balance is due at 38 weeks.

We have a once in lifetime chance to capture your birth story....

I am working on a download guide at the moment, however if you would like more information, availability and pricing please drop me an email here and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


Im Seona, a busy mum of 3 and full-time photographer.

Ive been a full time professional photographer since 2006.

My photographs have been in magazines, on the front cover of publications, in the national press and more.

My style is very relaxed and baby led. I am newborn safety trained and fully insured.

Any Questions?

Im sure you have lots!

Send them them all over the contact box.

I am also on Facebook and Instagram too!

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