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The 'New Normal'  for photography studios.

The new normal..

With lock down still in place and quite rightly so, we are all unsure about what the future holds for our previous routines and way of life. Our daily life has already changed beyond anything we could have a imagined just afew months ago, and so quickly. Ive seen so many lovely through provoking  posts on social media of how much people are missing family,  friends, conversations and just being able to be with those we love, which many us took for granted. Who knew we would suddenly not be able to hug our own family or get the kids together for play date.

I closed the studio on 19th March with no time frame for reopening for business at the moment. We've heard about the 'new normal'   a lot recently, what does it mean? Social distancing measures will very likely be in place for the rest of 2020 and business/life will slowly start to open in phases is the current thinking but what does this mean for businesses such photography studios where social distance isn't possible? 

The truth is, no one really knows but as newborn photographer, I already have strict hygiene measures in place in my Glasgow studio. Even though I have these regular measures in place, I have been giving a lot of thought about the new additional measures that will need to be implemented when the studio is open for business again. 

 What will the new normal be in the studio to protect my clients and myself from Corona Virus / Covid 19? We can't know for sure, but here are afew steps that I  may implement....

The good news...

Im not a high volume studio, I don't shoot 5/6 sessions a day. On week days I would tend to book one to two appointments (shoots or viewings) and on Saturdays this could be up three appointments. Low volume shooting means less traffic, less people, less interaction meaning less possibility of transmission.

Face covering/masks advice has been really wishy washy over the last few weeks, nothing definite but now advised, better safe. As well as my usual hand washing and hand sanitiser that I always carried out prior to touching newborns/children, I might now be wearing face masks and gloves.

I might ask that clients bring their own snacks and hand sanitiser, or they can wash hands at the studio prior to the session.

As my studio is at home, most clients already very courteously remove shoes upon entering, I may need to make this normal practice.

I very rarely have additional family members attend sessions but only those being photographed will now be able to attend to reduce numbers of people in the studio.

My thinking is that there may be just one appointment (shoot or viewing) every 24 hours.  This gives time after the session to be able let the room settle, and then deep clean, so all surfaces, sofa, and usual props & fabrics. I shoot 4 days of the week, so I may be able to only book four appointments each week. Im not sure what the guidelines will be at the moment.

I would ask that is clients are experiencing any symptoms of being unwell, that they postpone their session for another time. Similarly if any anyone attending has been in contact with anyone else displaying symptoms. 

Although I already carry out most of the above, these may need to every day additions to all sessions when the studio opens. This protects my clients and my own family.  At the moment there is no date to open, as photographers we are not sure which 'phase' will be ours at the moment but we do continue to keep updated with government advice, and guidelines to keep everyone safe.

When I have more information about opening I will be sure to let you know, I am missing all of my lovely clients, tiny newborns and fun filled toddlers!

If you'd like more information about the re-opening offers please click on the relevant session and add your email address to the waitlist  - even if you are already on the email list it just makes sure the I can send you the correct information about your preferred session for the offer  - available sessions will undoubtedly be limited when the studio is open again, by adding yourself to waitlist means you will be the first to know!

For Newborns please click here 

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I have already had bookings from previous clients for the Christmas Mini sessions - Click here if you'd like to be added to the waitlist for when they are on general release.

If your session has been postponed due to Covid 19, you will be given priority when dates open up again - I will get in touch with you first!

Stay home, stay safe, 

Seona :-) 

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