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When I’m photographing first time parents with their newborns I always let them know how quickly this part of their baby’s life passes so quickly, and those little newborn feet are in school shoes before they know it.

Last week I discovered its as equally as quick when your child starts primary one, and suddenly primary seven, primary school is finished in the blink of an eye!

Grace, my oldest, has just finished primary school and now we are ordering her high school blazer!  From that cute little P1 so excited about wearing her first school uniform,  sitting at her table and learning to write her name on the lines in her jotter.

I do have this image as a digital file…somewhere. Seven years of laptops, desktops and hard drives I know it will be on one of those, but where? We’ve extended our family with another two kids, been on countless holidays, we moved house, not mention adding a cat and a dog into the mix too. Even if this digital file ended up lost in the digital world or was on a hard drive that crashed it doesn’t matter, I have the print, and I knew exactly where the print was, its so so important to print your photos.

School age children usually have the least amount of professional shoots, most have only the yearly school photo, usually a bit dishevelled after rolling around at gym and spilling lunch down the shirt! 

Leaving primary school ofcourse I was going to make a portrait. We did a studio portrait session, just natural light. We shot afew different head shots but this one, for me, is Grace. When she finds something genuinely funny (in this case me!) and giggles she looks just like this!

 I love this because I can see the young woman she is about to become. At almost 12 years old  life becomes such a big transition.

Then, as I was writing this blog post I decided to go and photograph what ever she was doing at this moment in time. Minecraft is her thing, you’ll often find her playing it or that new thing kids do where they watch other people playing the game on you tube?! Anyway, this is Grace as Grace is, comfy clothes, in her room, watching people play Minecraft, failing that she has a book in her hand…we should really take out shares in Waterstones.

At the end of high school this last image will have changed so much, not just how she looks but her room, what she is wearing, and what she is doing, its so much more than a photo, it’s a reminder of Grace, her life and her interests just as she started high school.

Child portraits are so important, not just newborn photos. Each school year is a new milestone for them. 

I still have afew July Portrait Mini Sessions remaining. Its a great opportunity to enjoy a professional shoot, or try one out for the first time!

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