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Newborn Photography Training 

Hello fellow photographer - You might be new to photography or maybe you've been working at it for a while. However, you just can't seem to create the images you have in your mind?  If natural baby led photography is the style you love and you are ready to upgrade your skill set and knowledge -  I offer natural, baby led newborn photography training in my Glasgow studio. 

Ive always photographed newborns in this style, not only does it make my heart sing to see a newborn being, well, a newborn and doing what newborns do! The beauty of this photography is that it is so relaxed for you, for the parents and ofcourse for baby. There are no awkward poses that compromise on safety, no need for baby to be sleeping (although I'll show you few baby whispering techniques!) and for the parents, candid posing that they love!

 If you are ready to invest in your business, there is absolutely no better investment than training!

Ive been a full time professional portrait photographer since 2006, and specialising in newborns & family since 2015.  I've grown three photography brands during that time.... and my hands on training also offers you the opportunity to ask me how I did it!

Experience a hands on training day which also includes an editing session and with business advice. The skills you will learn will be yours to develop at your own pace.  The training sessions include 12 weeks after training mentoring.

About my newborn photography training

Its always about safety, we will look at the set up and how to safely and confidently handle baby.

I dont use studio lights for newborn sessions, but I can show you how to make the available window light work for you. I may use studio light for family poses and can include that upon request.

I will show you how to make sure you capture the correct  skin tones and crips whites, this is essential when shooting baby on whites!

You dont need a ton of props and kit, I'll show you everything you need to get started.

Posing - I don't heavily pose my babies, and it also depends on how sleepy/settled baby is - my sessions are baby led so I do have a work flow but it doesnt always go to the same flow - you might need to change it up a little depending on baby. We will look at beanbag posing - I dont shoot the current trends when posing, babies learning forward with head in hands etc -  At this point please have a look at my website to make sure this is the style that you would like to learn more about. We will then go onto transitions into poses and poses with parents.

I organise two newborn to attend the studio. In the morning I will take the first session, and I will talk you over everything I am doing, how I'm wrapping etc and you can ask any questions. The afternoon session will be yours and I will be supervising or joining in where I feel necessary. Im there for you to ask any questions as you go.

After both sessions are complete I can answer any business questions that you might have and I will edit an image that I took during my session. I will take you through my whole editing process to create the final image that would be presented to clients.

Also included is a set of workshop notes, light lunch and snacks, 12 weeks of mentoring critique, advice and questions via email.


Full Training Day as above 1:1 £695

Full Training Day as above 1:2 £350

Fly on the wall session - watch a newborn session - £350

Workshops are non refundable.

A  50% deposit is required  with the balance due 2 weeks before the day.

I have a mileage restriction of a 35 miles from G20

For more information and to check current availability for training day please drop me a message below!

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