The TOP 5 FAQ’s about maternity photography

Lets Celebrate your pregnancy…and YOU with a super empowering maternity photo session to create truly stunning maternity portraits.

…and just so you know….book a newborn photo shoot in May..and receive a complimentary mini maternity session and mounted print!...get in touch today!

If you’re reading this whilst pregnant, firstly CONGRATULATIONS!...secondly, you may want to grab a cup of tea and settle in, as this article has been written just for you!

Maternity sessions...some mums to be love the thought of them...some, not so much.

However, the not so much camp always surprise me..when I find out the reason for NOT loving the idea...we find deeper reasons... we chat them out...they book a session.. lo and behold ...THEY LOVE THIER PORTRAITS!

Whether you’re expecting your first baby or are a seasoned ‘pro’ when it comes to adding to your brood, there’s one thing you can be sure of – pregnancy goes by so quickly! I know that when you’re growing your little person it may not feel like the days are flying by… but I promise you that when you look back, you’ll realise just how fast time goes.

A maternity portrait session is the perfect way to celebrate your pregnancy. It’s a celebration of those nine months where you eagerly await the arrival of your little person, anticipating who they’re going to look like, what personality they’ll have and how they will enhance and add to your family set up. Maternity sessions are there to empower you and help you to create everlasting memories of your pregnancy, and that’s what you’ll get when you book with me. Feel comfortable, strong an confident are what empowerment sessions are all about…everyone is excited about the new baby that you are bringing into the world….this empowering portrait experience is to celebrate YOU!

When I shoot maternity sessions, my number one priority is the mum-to-be. My main aim is to make sure you’re relaxed and confident throughout, so I’ll be on hand to advise you on the best poses to adopt and the kind of lighting that will work best for you too. I know that it can sometimes feel daunting when at a photoshoot, so we’ll only ever shoot what you’re comfortable with.

maternit photo shoot with lasy wearing white by seona misumi photography glasgow

You may want to think about the kind of setting you want to opt for when it comes to your maternity portraits. Some clients like to go for a more natural setting, maybe at home…and no, you don’t need to have an Instagram worth interior! Im photogaphing you, not your furniture!  Windw light is all we need. Or maybe you prefer to go for all out glam? I LOVE shooting both. Photoshoots can be carried out in your home, in my studio or even in the great outdoors… whatever you feel is a good fit for you.

If you want to include your partner or siblings in the session this can also be arranged, just let me know that is your preference during planning stage!......I offer a completely bespoke service, your sessions is unique to you. Not sure what you really want from a session at all? No worries, I can help you with that too.

To start organising your maternity session, simply drop me a message – prefer to have a chat on the phone or a Zoom call so we can meet first? Great! I love a zoom call

Maternity sessions are best around around 30-36 weeks pregnant, although there is a degree of flexibility around this time. I can be booked 4/6 weeks in advance so that is something to keep in mind.

pregnant maternity shoot of woman in gold dress by photographer seona misumi in glasgow

Here is a quick fire round recap  -  FIVE of the most common FAQ's

At what stage in my pregnancy is best for maternity portraits?

Best for around 30-36 weeks.

What do I bring?

Yourself! Unless you have a specific dress or item of clothing you'd like to wear, I've got you covered...literally.

How long is the session?

Around 1 hour (ish)

Where does the session take place?

It takes place at my Glasgow West end G20 studio - Prefer a session at home? Great! I love those too.

Can my partner/kids join in?


👶And did you know... During May, if you book a newborn session for any 2021 date you'll receive a complimentary mini maternity session and mounted print! Get in touch today!

black and white moody portrait of pregnant lasy for a maternity session by seona misumi photography

If this is the first page you’ve landed on, my name is Seona, I’m a newborn and family photographer based in Glasgow west... Im also a mum of three, a dog mum and a cat is busy!.....I'd LOVE to help plan your session and create some truly beautiful portraits to add to your family story....let me know if I can help you! ...head over to the contact page here. I'll look forward to hearing form you 🙂

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