Elise @ 24 Hours Old

The baby is here!

I remember still being surprised that my babies had arrived, I mean I knew they were going to arrive but not much prepares you for this incredible moment!

The first couple of days of your baby’s arrival are such a blur, so many post natal checks for mum and for baby, feeding, changing those first nappies and just staring at your baby, she is finally here! 

Those teeny tiny feet, legs still so tightly kept together, its all she’s known for 9 months. Tightness, warmth and the smells and sounds of mum are all that make her feel better about her first couple of days earth side. 

Elise made super quick entry into the world on 28th January, 6lb 14oz . Almost arriving in maternity assessment! A little sister for Myles, and a beautiful daughter for her lovely parents.

Elise was born at the QEUH and I managed to get to the hospital just before she was 24 hours old, her first day in the world! 

The newborn pose, hand over head sleeping. I love this, I like to think they are taking full advantage of finally being to stretch and enjoy the space around them!

It was so lovely to photograph Elise and her mum in hospital - I am now taking bookings for what are called ‘fresh 48’ sessions in Glasgow Hospitals or homes - I will aim to reach you within 2 days of baby being born, either at home or on hospital. You will  have a beautiful record of those first 48 hours to look back on, cherishing such precious moment for many years to come.

If you would like newborn photo shoot in The Princess Royal Maternity, the QEUH or the RAH Paisley please drop me a message for more details! I offer photography sessions at home, in the hospital or in my photography studio in Glasgow, G20, Just a few minutes from Byres Road / Bearsden.

For details off all sessions please visit www.tentinytoes.co.uk 

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