Newborn Photography Tips

Seona is a Glasgow based newborn & family photographer, specialising in natural baby led portraiture and offers newborn photography training and general photography training 'from auto to manual in  a day.

For all of you mamas that are unable to have a photographer at your birth or fresh 48 session during this time uncertain time and the difficult news that home births have been cancelled for the time being  - here are something positive for you to enjoy with some helpful hints for  how you can  take great photos on your phone or with your own camera of your newborn.

-Take them during the day when there is plenty of window light - it doesn’t need to be sunny, in fact an overcast day is best. 

-TURN OFF the hospital lights if you can - not always possible if sharing a room but I’m sure mums won’t mind if you ask! Use the window light only, if you can.

-Position your baby facing the light coming through the window or over babies head - top of head to window see photo in the blue hat. 

-Don't shoot towards the window - I have in one shot here with dad and baby but my camera can accommodate that - shooting on an auto camera or iPhone will give you a silhouette, which can still be nice 👍otherwise shoot with the window to your side or to your back, but be careful not to block the light coming through! 

- Don't photograph aiming up the baby’s nose. Shoot down, from above or the side of the baby.

- shoot wide to see the environment but don’t forget to GET CLOSE! Thats where the details are! Fresh skin and tiny fingers and toes are important and don’t forget that little name and I.D band 😍

-If you are one of my clients & you would like me to edit any photos, I will do so free of charge for you! 

Swaddling tips - wrap from Shoulders to feet, then from behind the feet up to the back the shoulder and repeat. Wrapping up and down instead of sideways keeps their little feet tucked in - which is what they are used to.

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